Mustang Road

Mustang Film Shooting Location – There are not many roads in mountainous and remote hilly villages in comparison to another part of Nepal. These places can only be reached by walking. Among those roads, some of the roads are a horse ride trail. These roads are a path for caravans of yaks, donkeys, and horses. People have been using these roads from centuries ago. Even before the vehicle was introduced in Nepal, these roads were the prime means of transport channel all over Nepal. Still, in places like Mustang, Manang and other remote places, people use horses as their medium of travel. However, horses are not cheap to raise so, only rich and those involved in the tourism industry raise them. These roads give a new experience for those who haven’t ride this type of roads. Most of these roads are dirt roads or stone paved roads. These roads are not wide but the surrounding has a great view because of the remoteness.

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