Simkot Village

Simkot village film shooting location – it is the headquarters of the Humla district of Nepal. It is one of the remote and isolated parts of Nepal. You will be able to see some of the rough terrains and untouched natural beauty during your trip to Simikot. There are the lot of stupas and Gumbas where the local visit and every house has prayer flag fluttering on the top. Green pasture land where herds of yaks and goats graze is seen. People still stay in stone huts plastered with muds in this part of Nepal. high altitude lakes, view of snowcapped mountains and unique culture of inhabitants make this hard trip worthwhile. you can only reach Simikot from an occasional flight from Nepaljung and Surkhet, or you have to follow for 10 to 15 days camping trail of Humla-Simikot trekking trail. A lot of chartered helicopter fly to Simikot carrying pilgrims to Mansarovar.

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