Taudha Lake

Taudha lake film location is famous due to it’s the beautiful and independent freshwater lake inside the valley that does not have any water source. It is believed that the lake is the remnant of the pool of water that covered the Kathmandu valley in mythical time. The tau in the name stands for snake and daha for the lake. People believe that the snake king resides in this lake so, swimming or fishing is not allowed. It is also home to more than 40 species of migratory birds from Siberia. There are various species of fish and snakes in the lake aswell as the area around Taudaha is home to different mammals and small rodents. You can enjoy the view of the whole lake while walking through the paddy fields. You can also see the ancient houses and old farm houses in your trip to Taudaha. People of Taudaha has kept the religious belief and fresh water in lake intact for centuries andf hope to do same in far future.

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