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Cine Makers Pvt Ltd is an ideal choice for both individuals and associations on the look-out for a fixer in Nepal, to facilitate and help facilitate their film endeavors. The company is comprised of some of the most competent and experienced film professionals out of the Nepalese film industry. Cine Makers is THE fixer in Nepal; it is the company that can make any film endeavors in Nepal seamless. Cine Makers has contacts and representatives in all 7 states of the country, and can guarantee the best and the most efficient ground-handling and local management anywhere in Nepal.We manage film shooting in private locations, heritage sites,national parks,beautiful lakes here in Nepal, ancient settlement ares,adventurous areas and many other beautiful locations in Nepal. Cine Makers has been providing complete filming services like film production,film equipment hire,Film shooting for a long period of time with user satisfaction on every aspects.
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